Perfect Star Wars Lightsaber Colors Pics Of Coloring Ideas

lightsaber crystal wookieepedia in star wars galaxies players must "tune" lightsaber crystals to themselves before they may use them in a lightsaber ce tuned the crystal can only be used by that player and only in lightsabers created by that player where lightsaber colors e from and what they mean the notion that a jedi s personality determines their lightsaber color dates back to the 2003 video game "star wars knights of the old republic " but this explanation has been retconned by the new continuity established when lucasfilm was sold to disney along with much much more lightsaber wookieepedia both green and blue became standard blade colors for jedi lightsabers in the star wars prequel trilogy in the same regard red became the standard sith lightsaber in the same regard red became the standard sith lightsaber star wars lightsaber colors decoded cnet as solo a star wars story ends its theatrical run it s safe to talk about the unexpected appearance of a lightsaber at the end of a movie that didn t seem likely to have any star wars lightsaber colors explained vox today is star wars day according to some marketers who work at disney you can celebrate by choosing your own lightsaber color there are some caveats many of these colors e from different

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