Fabulous Olive Green Color Gallery Of Coloring Design

olive color olive is a dark yellowish green color like that of unripe or green olives as a color word in the english language it appears in late middle english dark olive green color olive is a muddy green color when gray is added to yellow the various shades of the color olive are produced some dark shades of olive can also be made by mixing darker colors like brown with 556b2f color hex dark olive green 556b2f color rgb value is 85 107 47 556b2f color name is dark olive green color 556b2f hex color red value is 85 green value is 107 and the blue value of its rgb is 47 dark olive green rgb color code 556b2f the hexadecimal rgb code of dark olive green color is 556b2f this code is posed of a hexadecimal 55 red 85 256 a 6b green 107 256 and a 2f blue ponent 47 256 olive green olive green palettes with color ideas for decoration your house wedding hair or even nails

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