Cute How to Draw A Monster Truck Stock Of Drawing to Print Out

learn how to draw a monster truck for kids step by step the following steps are kinda busy so pay attention draw the headlights and door handle when you’re done put some shocks inside the wheel arches and draw the center tubular structure of the suspension in an x shape finally draw the rest of the suspension elements of each wheel the final step is to draw the rims and a rugged looking tire thread a monster truck would look really weird with a slick tire how to draw a monster truck in a few easy steps monster trucks are specially fitted pickup trucks and suvs used in petitions most monster trucks are twelve feet wide twelve feet tall and have sixty six inch tires how to draw a monster truck step by step drawing guide in this tutorial i show you with just a few simple steps how to draw a monster truck that resembles a bigfoot or grave digger the only plicated thing about drawing one of these massive tanks is having a steady hand to draw the details that these incredible trucks hold i used a picture of a nameless monster truck as a drawing guide to create this tutorial i hope you enjoy learning to draw one of these monsters because really the instructions are so simple learn how to draw a monster truck trucks step by step how to draw a monster truck step by step learn drawing by this tutorial for kids and adults how to draw a monster truck step 2 now let’s draw at the distinguishing feature of the monster cars – giant monstrous wheels note that the wheels are fairly low pared to the body

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