Cute Diamond Color Clarity Collection Of Coloring to Print Color

diamond color chart for the best value in what would appear to the eye as a colorless diamond look for g j diamonds because color is easier to detect in larger diamonds opt for g h in diamonds over 1 carat and i j for those under 1 carat ce set in a ring these diamonds will look just like higher color grade diamonds what is diamond color the diamond color evaluation of most gem quality diamonds is based on the absence of color a chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue like a drop of pure water and consequently a higher value diamond color vs clarity which is more important i think we can all agree that opting for an eye clean diamond no inclusions seen with the eye is one of the best industry secrets that you can discover before purchasing an engagement ring what is diamond clarity evaluating diamond clarity involves determining the number size relief nature and position of these characteristics as well as how these affect the overall appearance of the stone while no diamond is perfectly pure the closer it es the higher its value 4 c s of diamonds plete guide to the 4 c s of diamonds cut color clarity and carat weight including charts and guides showing how diamond grades affect appearance and value

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