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what are the best colored pencils [8 top brands pared after experimenting with a variety of colored pencils something was missing from my research i wanted to know what the everyday colorist looks for when they re on the hunt for the best color pencils i did what any normal person would do and went straight to social media a guide to the best colored pencils thoughtco if you re looking for a reliable colored pencil that will work for any project look no further than the faber castell polychromos a longstanding favorite of art school students and professionals costing around $40 for a set of 12 pencils these might seem like a big investment but they are an excellent value these pencils are soft enough to layer beautifully without crumbling the pigments are lush and smooth and the casting strong and dependable colored pencil parison chart what brands are best oil based colored pencil parison chart the top choice for oil based colored pencils are the polychromos pencils by faber castell they my top re mendation because of quality and price you’ll excellent results with this brand without paying too much oil based pencils are not re mended for beginners but are perfect for more experienced colored pencil artists best brands of colored pencils big pens & pencils best brands of colored pencils colored pencils are not just for small children colored pencils can create art looks as great as art created with oil paints or any other art supplies although it will have a different look the best colored pencils to use for beginners to the best colored pencils will seem to effortlessly move as you drag them across a surface this is thanks to their ingre nts if you’re looking for the top of the line pencils go for something that’s oil based as opposed to wax based hard wax especially can be brittle which makes it harder to blend colors

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